Monday, October 19, 2009

Fabric Graffiti, etc.

That's what I've decided to call this random doodling with embroidery floss. I love it! So much in fact, that I had to dig through my laundry basket so I could show you the completed work.

Mr. Tic Tac Toe and his five-tentacled friend.

My heart on my sleeve. That's how I roll.


It's getting to be holiday craft fair season! I'm all signed up and registered for this jewelry and craft fair, partly in support of Cancer Research UK. It's the week of 17-22 November, so send out good vibes. Or, better yet, send out your friends armed with credit cards and naked ears. For anyone in the area, this is held in Adam House, on Chambers Street from 10:30 to 6, Tuesday through Friday, and 10 to 4 on Saturday. See you there!

amelie white roses striped dress

I just ordered this dress from Ruche, where I also got my deliciously divine shoes. I simply cannot wait to wear them together. I'm choosing to ignore that whole "no-brown-with-black" rule. I have a new rule. Wear pretty things. The end.


Jennifer said...

I totally agree Jenny! Brown & black, Navy & Black, white & beige, who cares? if you look cute, then really what's the big deal. We're in an era (age? time?) when clothing is mix and match and whatever you want! I looove the dress. I wish I could go to the craft fair. Good luck!

Katelyn R. said...

I say wear the black with the brown! And wear it to the craft fair! It will bring more people to the stand if you look cute. I love the graffiti as well, I'm glad your free stylin' it!

Jennifer said...

I meant to say I love the embroidery too!

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