Friday, September 4, 2009

Shop Closing Soon!

Hello friends. I've been crazy busy getting ready for my move to Edinburgh. I leave Wednesday 9th and I still can't believe it!

My time-management skills can't cope with everything at the same time (nobody's surprised here) and as much as I want to keep it open, I have to temporarily close the pearlswirl shop for several weeks as I take the time to move into my new dorm and get settled into student life there. I'm so excited and soooo nervous! But back to the point... the shop's last day open will be Sunday 6 September. All orders placed by then will be shipped off on Monday 7 September. I can't say when I'll re-open but I am hoping beginning October. Thanks for your patience!

I'll be back later tonight with some things I've made in preparation for the move!

1 comment:

Moondoonie said...

Moving can be stressful but it's fun too. Best wishes & don't stay away too long.

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