Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Grand Tour

I finally brought out my jewelry supplies and manufactured me some homemade earry goodness. I love these babies. And I'm getting very excited about opening up my etsy shop again. Soon, very soon.

Here's the kitchen I share with five other girls. I am soooo happy with all my flatmates! We all got along instantly and we're having loads of fun together. I also love where our flat is. Five minutes from campus, five minutes from the famous Royal Mile, ten minutes from the Edinburgh Castle, and about eight minutes (OK. Exactly eight. I counted) from Princes Street, the huge shopping street in the New Town. There's also two bathrooms in the flat for six girls. So definitely manageable.

And now begins the tour of my room. My space. My haven. Also my mess. I think I'm finally happy with how it looks. I get a giddy feeling thinking about it so I guess that's a good sign right?

I bought these conventional-poster-alternatives at Paperchase, a shop I already blogged about here. These are actually sheets of wrapping paper, but the luxury kind that feels like cardstock and that, quite frankly, I always thought would be impossible to use as actual wrapping paper for all their stiffness. But they work quite fabulously as wall art I think. Very me.

A close-up of the one on the right and my personal favorite. Antique birdcages!

Here's the collage I made at the canvas collage workshop I did a few days ago. I made it to match the mask I decoupaged (visible below) the day before.

The extension of my vintage wall from home with a few additions. Check out that Scottish Highland Cow in the middle on the bottom. !!!

These two are from before I added all the touches like the vintage board and the collage over my bed. But you just had to see the poof in action.

Where all the blogging magic, err, I mean studying magic happens.

More tissue paper from Paperchase. I really should stay away from that store. Really.


So today is my first day of classes. I already had two lectures this morning and now I'm out for my third one. The scheduling really leaves something to be desired. 10 am, 11 am and ... 5:10 pm. Wait, you mean everything in life can't be perfect?? What??


Anonymous said...

the earrings are lovely, good luck on the re-opening of your etsy shop. i've yet to re-open mine, i've been so busy.
your place looks very nice and close to so many cool places, that's great.

Katelyn R. said...

Yay! Two bathrooms! I was wondering how it was going to work with 6 girls and only one.... I love the action poof and your room seems bigger than you expected. So i'm glad everything is working out... except for that class schedule. What are your classes?

lizy said...

it sounds like you are having tons of fun. The room looks great with your little special touches here and there. I just saw a travel video on Edinburgh and it is a beautiful city. I might need your help finding a good hotel in the area soon. Love seeing all your pictures keep them coming :)

Adie said...

I'm loving that collage, it's really pretty! I like the earrings too, are they heavy?

Jennifer said...

That's a Highland Coo, ya ken? Dinna fash Sassenach, at least you have time to study (blog) or run errands inbetween the 11 and 5 class, right?

I am soooooo jealous you are so close to all that stuff! I LOVE all things Scottish:)

Katie said...

I love the wrapping paper pieces hanging on your wall. I did a semester abroad in Oxford several years ago and did the very same thing! I can't remember the name of the store where I bought the fancy paper, but it was the same type stuff, I'm sure.

d-na said...


the hubbie and i are coming to the island next week...so, if you see us on the mile, don't think i'm stalking you! your new home looks so inspirational. i hope it helps you study smart. how i miss university...

Anonymous said...

hi Jen - thanks for posting the pics, it's nice to picture you in your very cool room in your equally groovy flat! bummer about the class schedule! :)



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