Friday, September 4, 2009

For Cheerful Sitting

You know how it is when you're preparing to, say, move from home to university and there are lists to be made, forms to be filled, last-minute things to be bought, boxes to be packed and minds to be lost. You know how all you want to do is sit down and make something totally frivolous. You don't need it, and you could really use the time for something else. But making it gives you such a sense of satisfaction anyway. It's like the Coco Chanel quote:

"I can live without necessities, but I must have luxuries."

So true.

Katelyn and I had a blast making our Amy Butler Gum Drop Pillows at the shop yesterday. Jumbo thanks to her for sharing her pattern and sharing her skills. Oh, and some of this fabric (Freshcut, Heather Bailey) was a gift from her, so thanks for that too!

Sniff inspection by the quality control police.

Since taking these pictures I've gone back and re-stuffed and re-fluffed him (the pillow, that is). I hear punching people is not an acceptable way of dealing with stress. Therefore I need him to be as punch-able as possible and that means full of fluff. I intend him to be a happy pillow for cheerful sitting only, but you never do know.

The zipper's not part of the pattern but Katelyn and I were talking about how much sense it makes to have a zipper instead of slipstitching it shut so you can wash it whenever. It was such an easy pattern! Give or take 3 hours, and we each had one done (OK. I'm sure she would want want me to admit that hers was the bigger size AND she finished a little before me. But whatever.)

I was able to get some big, brand new pillows at a thrift shop and take them apart to use the polyfil. Yay recycling AND saving money!!

Don't forget that my shop is closing on Monday 7 September for a little while as I get settled! Details in the post below.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your big move!! SO EXCITING!! Love the pillows. Hope you are able to use them more for sitting than punching, but then it's best to be prepared for both! :-) -Tiffany

Jennifer said...

Stop talking about you moving! I already miss you at the shop:) The poof pillow is so cute! I'm happy you got to sew something before you left.

corinnea said...

It was fun watching the two of you sewing away! Your pillow turned out very nicely. Don't stop learning new skills, remember you can sew anywhere you have a plug and a bit of space!

Anonymous said...

Hey you. Just wanted to drop by and say the picture of mango is a cute one!! She sure knows how to pose :). Anyway, love you and great stuff!! :) Not so anonymous Schwessie <3

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