Friday, August 7, 2009

Scenes From A Dream

Back from a fabulous whirlwind trip to Paris! As I'm now off work for a week looking and feeling like a chipmunk (read: had my wisdom teeth removed yesterday), what better time to sort through my photos and do a little bloggin'!

I've been to Paris several times before (and my family), so this trip was more about doing some shopping and soaking in the atmosphere rather than doing all things tourist-y, although we did see a few of the sites. How could we not? There were staring us in the face. I think Paris is my favorite city.

I love the old metro signs and I especially love that they continue to make some new ones in this style.

P-Town (if I may call it that) is huge! We took a stroll on the third night and even though our hotel was right in the center (3rd arrondissment) this was my first glimpse of the tower on our whole trip!

Taken from the observation deck of the Musee D'Orsay (Orsay Museum), a gorgeous art gallery housed in an old Victorian train station. This is where Rodin's Thinker is located as well as a great collection of the early impressionists. My favorites.

I have a weakness for those oh-so-Paris rooftops. I can just imagine setting up my studio in a dusty old attic with a view of the city. Someday perhaps. This is right across the street from Notre Dame, in the Latin Quarter known for its lively restaurants and nightlife.

Breakfast done right just outside our hotel on Rue de Turbigo.

St. Eustache, one of the most beautiful churches I've ever seen, in the neigborhood Les Halles, which is a big forum/covered market area. There's a gorgeous green in front of the church where you can find frisbees and boomboxes in the hot days of summer.

Classic shot.

Unconventional Shot.

Sacre Coeur (Sacred Heart) the magnificent church that, along with the meandering streets of Montmartre, has come to be synonymous with the bohemian, starving-artist Paris of the early 20th century. I'm so fascinated by this era, I could wander the little streets for hours, imagining what it must have been like to be a pioneer of "art for the sake of art" in a new and exciting world...

... and that vibe is still vibrant there today.

Here's a shot of this top in action. Much cuter on the model ey? She loved it. The fact that she chose to wear it all day while shopping in Paris, the undisputed fashion capital of the world, is enough to make me smile. I didn't even make her! :) She's also wearing the earrings but I guess they're destined never to appear clearly in a picture. :)

Paris + Embroidery: old love meets new obsession!

Which reminds me, now that I've got all this better-not-leave-the-house-looking-like-that free time on my hands, I should get to work photographing and sharing the other projects I've been working on!


corinnea said...

Beautiful photos Jenny! I didn't get to go into Montmartre, and I really want to go back! The top looks great on your sis. And last but not least, I hope you feel better soon.

Jenny P. said...

poor chipmunck...

the unconventional eiffel tower shot looks like lacey undies!

You sister looks so cute in that top. It came out soooooo good! You could sell that...

I have one embroidery hoop done and just have to start the other one. I think they will look good all togehter:)

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