Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Popping In The Garden

Today I was reminded of this post, where I promised that these lovely fabrics (Heather Bailey, Pop Garden) would soon become something glorious. And they did! But I forgot to show you. And we all know that if it didn't appear on the blog, it didn't really happen.

I pretty much just cut and sewed here, with no real regard to shape or measuring. I did make a practice muslin version (here) in preparation for this, but I ended up changing my "pattern" and I am fully and completely happy. I've decided, one of the reasons I like sewing without a pattern is that if it doesn't end up looking how I envisioned it, I can just say I changed my mind while sewing. Whereas with a pattern, if it doesn't look like the picture, it means you messed up.

It's a little poofy around the chest but that works out well since I lack "poof" of my own. :)

I'm glad I remembered to model this while we still have fabulous summer weather and before I feel the urge to dress only in warm autumn-y clothes. I used to get so antsy around the end of summer to wear my new back to school clothes, even when it was still hot hot hot. I guess I'm still like that actually. I am always ready for the next season to come, whatever that season is.

Photo credits go to Schwessie, again. Thanks for making me laugh on these. :)


corinnea said...

You did good. Keep it up.

Maddie said...

I happen to think you are cute. And talented. :) Thanks for the credit!!

Moondoonie said...

These pictures reminded me that there's still a lot of summer left. Even though August means going back to school & cool weather is just around the corner, no need to be sad just yet. There's till time to dress light and enjoy the hot weather.

Jennifer said...

It's sooooo cute! I only cuaght a glimpse of you wearing it to work one day. I think you had a t-shirt under it and it was super cute!

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