Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Paris Party People

That's what they'll call us. As this is posting, we (my sis, mom and I) are on a train steadily chugging our way to Paris. Happy news: it's my sister's surprise birthday present! Sad news: my dad, who was supposed to be with us, got stranded on a business trip in D.C. with the flu and they won't let him fly!! :( We've decided to make the best of this because, really, who wants to travel with a sicko? :) There's still a chance he could meet us halfway through the trip, as his return flight stops in Paris anyways. 

I usually spoil her for her bday. Exhibit A:

Mega clothespin/photo holder painted in cream and decoupaged with some delicious K&Company paper. I printed the photos at the shop. One picture shows us smiling normally and the other shows us as we really are. Insane.

Exhibit B: A little underwater beauty. I also made her mini-anchor earrings but didn't get a picture. OK fine. I did take one but it turned out blurry and being the blog-photo snob that I am I refuse to put up a blurry picture. Sorry. 

And... Exhibit C: A sailor-y top I made by embellishing a normal jersey tank. I really had a lot of fun making this and it looks so much better in person than the photos can convey. By the way, it looks crooked here but that's just how it's hanging. Really.

I used a soft linen (blue stripes), Kona cotton (white strip in the middle) and a soft and stretchy knit for the top and bottom ruffles. 

Now all she is missing is a peg-leg and a parrot. Shouldn't be too tricky to find on the streets of Paris!

I can hardly contain myself. Paris may be my favorite city of all. I'll be back in a few with stories and pictures!!


lizy said...

oh jenny, her gifts are all beautiful and all hand made by you. She is a very lucky girl to have a sister as loving and crafty as you are :) Have a great time in Paris, it's a fabulous place :)

mary said...

The shirt turned out great!!! I'm jealous, Paris is one of my favorite places. Have fun! Bon Voyage! (did i spell that right, oh well)

Anonymous said...

Jenny, I saw your dad in D.C. and told him that I am reading your blog! (Always impressive! Your whole family is so very talented!) Glad to hear the three of you are making the trip and hope he is feeling better and able to catch up with all of you in Paris. He was so excited about the surprise too! Happy Birthday to your sister and hello to all. -Tiffany

Jenny P. said...

I hope you're having fun and don't slip in dog poo:) I LOVE Paris! I cna only imagine how much better it would be knowing the language. See you soon!

Adie said...

I hope you're having a blast! Be safe, see you when you get back!

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