Friday, August 21, 2009

For the Treehuggers

I stumbled on this great resource on the always-fab Oh, hello friend blog. Cute little printable earth-friendly notes to stick onto packages! These are great for those with etsy shops, but anyone who sends snail-mail can use these. They're sweet and also add a cute factor to your packages. And of course, print them on scratch or recycled paper! I am sooo using one on the etsy package I'm mailing off tomorrow!

(Click on image to go to original post and download pdf)

This should please the tree huggers out there. And the rest of you can just ... well, never mind. :) :) :)

1 comment:

Adie said...

Cute! I bet they could be printed on the address label stickers, for ease of sticking-ness. And I promise, that when my stickers run out, I recycle the backing page. ^_^

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