Thursday, July 9, 2009

Of Brooches, Bows, Beads, and Birthdays.

What is better than a birthday? A handmade birthday! This year I was spoiled with so many handmade and unique gifts; I am quite a lucky (not so little anymore) girl! 

From my darling mumsy: this gorgeous brooch made by Springjuste, in Lithuania. 

Also from me mumsy, this fabulous scarf from the talented Fringe, also on Etsy.

Cupcakes anyone? Yes please, two for me! My friend Chelsea made me these adorable polymer clay pendants and they are so delish! Oh, she also made me a little sushi pendant (!!!) but it's not pictured because, well, I ate it already. :)

Look at this little plate Jenny P. found me while she was off in London! I can't wait to use it as a backdrop for jewelry pictures or just for eating things off of. Cute things only, of course. And that means no broccoli! 

A special Katelyn-made necklace. Look how amazing those glass beads are! I'm so thrilled with it Katelyn!! 

Not pictured (but equally appreciated!): A gift certificate to Perlenreich (this is my favorite shop. Read about this fabulous store here), scrumptious chocolates, a travel book, some lovely tops and some fabulous K&Company designer papers, to feed my obsessive gift-tag habit. 

Ooooh yes, it feels good to show off a bit now and then huh? :) :) :) Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday (and helped me celebrate with a fabulous bash downtown!) If you know me at all, you know that, as much as I loove pretty things, it's really the thoughts that count!

Hope your weeks have been scrumptious!


Yash said...

Love the blog, Jen.

Sydney said...

happy belated birthday! sounds like you had a wonderful one :)

Adie said...

Happy birthday! I'm sorry I missed it!

Jenny P. said...

I'm glad oyu had a nice day and got lots of yummy things:) Especially that little plate thingy:)

temp jobs said...

i like the color combination a lot!

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