Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Wall

Last week my dad came back from Zermatt in Switzerland (the Matterhorn) and brought me back this vintage postcard. How well he knows me. :D

So I thought I'd take this opportunity to introduce you all to The Wall: my collection of old (used!) postcards, reproduction print postcards, and other delightful oddities. Now all I need is a little frame for the Zermatt postcard and my life will be complete. 

And I have something exciting to share: A massive 16-shop giveaway over at "Oh, hello Friend" blog.

Head on over there to find out how to enter and to see pics of all the fantabulous prizes! 


corinnea said...

Nice wall!! I love vintage posters and cards too. In fact the coolest one I have I saw in Cervinia when we went from the Swiss side to the Italy side. Took me a couple of months to track it down. Keep collecting!

sasha said...

what a fabulous idea! It's GREAT! I really like the one you just got.

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