Monday, May 4, 2009

Pink Camels and Watering Cans

This morning as I was walking to the post office to mail another etsy order, I popped into the divine shop Ziegler to look at beautiful things I can't afford but oh, how I wish I could! This store combines fancy dishware and table settings with home decoration, gifts, flowers, and general vintage-y goodness. Anyone vaguely interested in any of the above should make a visit here when in Leonberg. Even if it's only to drool for a little bit. Hey, I do it. Is that bad??

Pink Camels + Watering Cans = Perfection!

Look at that antique cash register machine! It really is antique and really does work!

Soooo nice!

So... after showing you all such blissful photos, I know I have the right to solicit some help: these two beauties (if I do say so myself!) must be named.  

Send me your ideas for either (or ideally, both!) in a comment. I'll pick my favorite, and there will be something in it for the winner! Obviously, I can't tell you what. That would ruin all the fun! But it'll be good!

Good luck and I hope you're all thinking inspired thoughts!

P.S. Don't forget, my dad's photo exhibit is tomorrow night! 


Jenny P. said...

the circle one is "my minds eye"
and the grey on is "coal miners daughter". he he he..

they are both stunning. Your stuff just keeps getting prettier and prettier.

corinnea said...

Gorgeous shop~!

Great job on the jewelry.

The first one, "sweet dreams" the second "tudor rose"

Mary said...

I don't have any name ideas, cause I'm not ceative like those two other ladies. I do really like the new stuff though, very pretty. Tell your dad good luck! I'd come, but Nicolas' nick name is Destructor!

Sydney said...

Beautiful new items!

1st item I'd call "Dream Catcher"

2nd item I'd call "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not"

Hope your Dad's exhibit went wonderfully! How proud you must be!

Katelyn R. said...

aw, i wish i had shops like that in my town! i have no ideas with names. that's why i don't name my stuff.... but i'm all for coal miners daughter with jennifer.

Anonymous said...

the bracelet is called "for my Tata Tarisa" - dibs! It's really beautiful - can I buy it before it goes up on the shop?

corinnea said...

Drove by that shop after your dad's show, I drooled.

The show was wonderful you all did a great job. I think it's the first of many.

Moondoonie said...

Hate I missed this opportunity to provide an inspired name. The pieces are beautiful & what a great way to involve your followers! The pics of the 'drool worthy' shop are nice too. Thanks!

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