Sunday, May 17, 2009

Just a pair of maniacs in Munich

I have been meaning to post about my trip to Munich last weekend with Katelyn, but I've not had a single spare second this week! I mean it, not a second. But after lounging around the house all day today watching the O.C. and playing a game my sister and I invented called "goodminton" (get it?!), I think I'm ready to tackle this post. 

First of all, I must say that if you're in the Stuttgart area, Munich is really too close to pass up. The whole trip took us roughly 2 hours, from setting off on one end to parking on the other. Look what we saw when we parked! The universe totally set us up for a good start. 

As it turned out, our hotel was right in the city, one parallel street away from the main train station and the city center. If anyone would like information on an adorable, affordable and centrally-located hotel, contact me or, more likely, Katelyn, who made the fantastic booking.  

Here are scenes from Marienplatz, the square right in the center with the Rathaus (parliament building), below. 

The first day we did some typical tourist strolling at the main sites. We had fabulous warm and sunny weather, which made everything perfect! Here's the famous Frauenkirche. Unfortunately, the were restoring one of the towers so we didn't get the best view, but this just means we'll have to go back again some other time!

Do you all know about my obsession with clock towers and hanging clocks? It creeps up every once in a while.

There's nothing like strolling among the flowers in a beautiful foreign city, eh? 

Day Two was a mad-dash around the city armed with a map and the list I had made while researching Munich's craft stores and shops of interest. OMG totally worth it. Again, if anyone is headed to Munich and after some good locations to hit, I still have a crinkled up list in my purse, completing with highlighting, pencilled-in stars, and a little bit of spilled wine...

The Viktualien Markt, a beautiful and delish-smelling daily flower and specialty foods market. Oh, the lavender!! 

Here are scenes from a beautiful antiques store called La Brocante (no website available), where even a pack of tissues was outside my budget, and Katelyn still had to drag me out. It was just... so... beautiful!

Next, we visited a cute little quilt shop. This was heaven on a platter for Katelyn, and I even managed to find some cute fabric that will eventually become a purse for moi. 

Aaaand, I saved the crowning glory for last. This little gem is Perlenmarkt, and I think the pictures speaks for itself. You can imagine how happy I was in here. And if you can't, well, you don't know much about me. 

We visited many more shops than I have here but I was getting carried away and was too overwhelmed to document them with my picture-taking-device, which under ordinary circumstances would have been wrapped around my wrist at all times. 

Munich is a gorgeous, vibrant, youthful, and culturally rich city and it should absolutely be high on your must-see list of Germany! I know it's high on my must-see-again list. Then again, most things are. 


Katelyn R. said...

Thanks for going with me last minute! But... those pictures make me want to back so bad!!! And.... I've already almost used ALL of my beads!

KD Designs said...

So cool! I've only really seen the inside of concert halls in Munich. (But they were WORTH IT!) But a little bit of downtown, in passing. It looks like you guys had a great weekend!

TheBlackForrist said...

Great photos, I'm jealous you found such awesome shops, I need to go with a fellow crafter and do the same thing!

Marbella Designs said...

It looks fantastic! My mother in law is German. I will definitely visit one day.

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