Monday, April 20, 2009

The Week in Pictures

Alright, alright, I know. It has been far too long since my last post. Let me just say, I've been exhausted by work! This past work week I worked almost full time, which would have made me lose my mind if I didn't love my job so much. But!! No excuses. Here's making up for a lack of posting with a play-by-play of the entire week...

We recently got some new jumbo buttons in the store and they were calling out to me, so Monday was the day to do something about it! Here's a little necklace for my sister. I think I'll make more.

Tuesday was Katelyn's birthday so we went downtown for sushi. We actually planned to have Italian but it seems we just cannot keep away from shooshi. This picture is actually from a previous time as this time we were too engrossed in eating to take any pictures! Gasp!

Wednesday I went to the family of the little boy I tutor in English, for the last time. I'm having to cut down on things and I've been spread out too thin these days. Anyways, as a thank you and goodbye gift, the mom gave me this handpainted Russian "vodka holder". She's Russian and said it's really valuable and comes from a famous town, Gzhel. She could easily have lied to me and I wouldn't know the difference, but I'm choosing to believe her, cause I love rare, cultural handmade gifts more than anything!

Thursday I began an advertising cycle for my shop on the ab fab Lillyella blog! There's my little ad, sitting pretty with all the others.

Friday, these dainty earrings were born out of some pearls I bought at the bead expo a few weeks ago. They're unusual but I really like them.

Saturday I got a very lovely and very retro fascinator/hair ribbon from Hannah, who has started making and selling these in the shop. I tried it out at a party that night, but ended up tying it around my wrist instead and a new look was born!

Aaand finally, the top I have been talking about making ever since I was inspired by one that my sister bought. I made up my own pattern for this, of course trying it out with muslin before using up some nice fabric (thank you Katelyn for the idea!). In the end, I'm really happy with the texture of the muslin for a light summer top and I think I'll wear this "prototype" top too!

Oh man... exhausting week... hope yours were all good!


KD Designs said...

Worked almost full time... gee that must have been soooo rough... :P

I love all the stuff you've made! The little dainty earrings are adorable and I can't wait to see the whole shirt.

Katelyn R. said...

I saw my picture and couldn't figure out who you were with.... Duh katelyn.... go to bed!!! Anyways i love your dainty earrings and want to see the top you made in person! you should wear it on whatever day i see you this week!

lizy said...

Can't wait to see the top on you. Looks really cute! The earing are super duper cute. You go Girl :)

Sydney said...

That top looks adorable!!

Jenny P. said...

Sorry you had to work a lot. I know it was becasue of our TDY that didn't go:) Thanks for working longer so I could have the week off..which I didn't end up totally having off.. but still:) Retail is hard. Working the floor is tiring and very draining. So I understand:) I love everything! That's so cool you are advertising!

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