Sunday, February 1, 2009

Color Me Vintage

I have indeed gotten addicted to making beautiful treasuries (like everyone on Etsy said I would). I want to buy all of these things, and create myself a little dream world. What's that you say? You mean there's more to life than making pretty collections of beautiful handmade things?? Well I refuse to believe it.

From left to right and top to bottom, we have:

+ Vintage Clock Cameo Ring by ragtrader
+ Music Notes by learningtofly
+ Vintage Wallpaper Letter by abushelandapeck
+ Cherry Swirl Earrings by MorningGloryDesigns
+ Flower Cameo Necklace by MataHariJewelry
+ Vintage Dusty Rose Eco Handbag by typealice
+ Bronze Charm Necklace by ConscientasCameos
+ Night Music 8 x 10 Print by secrethistory
+ Shades of Melon by CatherineMarissa
+ Vintage Flora 4 x 6 Print by sixhours
+ Sultry Siren by wiyomu
+ Debutante Flower Corsage Brooch by deciduoussoul
+ Ribbon Key- Vintage Typewriter Key Pendant by GemmaBeads
+ Sakura Steampunk Garden Cuff Watch by moxieandoliver
+ Vintage Tropicana Necklace by thatjewelrygirl
+ I Love the French Locket by makepienotwar

Hope you enjoy and find a few favorites of your own!!!

Don't forget to take part in my Carnevale challenge and giveaway with the Storque! Details are in the post below this. I can't wait to see your entries, and don't forget to spread the word!!


Kelly's Korner said...

Be sure to SCREAM when one of your treasuries makes the front page. I can't wait!

corinnea said...

Thanks for listing the items you chose! Very cool stuff.

Katelyn R. said...

Every time i see one i think " oh i want to make one" so i really believe that it HAS to be addicting. It's the reason i'm always on etsy. look forward to seeing yours up there!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for including me! Really stunning treasury. :D

Jenny P. said...

I bet those things really help a store. I always click on etsy to see what is on the front page.

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