Saturday, January 3, 2009

Heaven is in Heidelberg

We had my Grandpa visiting this Christmas and apparently, Heidelberg is something he's always wanted to see. So of course I tagged along on this road trip, because I am a major sucker for all things city-related and LOVE wandering little allies left and right and discovering the goodies any big city has to offer.

This picture totally reminds me of the album cover of one of my favorite CD's of all time by my most favorite band of all time EVER! (Below)

This was literally a little hole-in-the-wall selling all things funky (my obsession with the word funky is returning).

I love those atmospheric Christmas decorations.

Such a beautiful and gothic (is that right?) feel, and again with the decorations!

Look at the castle in the background! I love this picture!

I think Heidelberg is an absolutely fantastically beautiful city and I recommend it to anyone who's never been and looking for a day trip. Plus it's close! (1 hour 10 min without traffic!) AND it's vintage-inspiring!!!! What could be better than that?


corinnea said...

How fun to be with your grandfather when he sees something for the first time! I do like Heidelburg. Glad you had fun.

Kelly's Korner said...

Fun fun!

Jenny P. said...

cool pictures! I love Heidleburg and all things touristy (sp?) and all things castles! I love the little streets and allies in Heidleburg. And I love the song Wonderwall by Oasis:) Do you like Incubus?

Yash said...

You have a knack for taking really atmospheric photos. Well done!

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