Friday, December 26, 2008

Good Tidings of All Things Fantastic

It's a little late but here it is: Merry Christmas! I had a great day with my family and Grandpa (who came from France). I love that I ended up staying home and relaxing. I was originally planning to go to London with my boyfriend, which would have been fun but crazy and hectic. Instead I got a thoroughly relaxing and perfect day at home. We opened presents, had French toast, then cleaned up the kitchen and got started on the turkey. We had hours of old-fashioned sitting around listening to music; I was sitting working on a new necklace (which I'll be adding to my shop soon!), my mom was knitting, and it felt like I was transported back to a Victorian Christmas. In the evening we took a walk into Leonberg's Alt Marktplatz (Old Marketplace) and saw the lights. It was one of those rare days where everything is just perfect. (Picture credits go to my sister...)

Part of the display at Perlenreich--my favorite bead store ever. Read more about it in my Etsy Storque article.

Old Marketplace

Wishing I could get inside...

Isn't it beautiful...?

I love these swirly housetops!

Merry Christmas!!!


corinnea said...

Glad you had such good day with family. Your sis did a great job on the photos!!

Adie said...

Merry Christmas to you, too!! I'm glad it was a good one for you. ^_^

Did I mention that you look super cute in that hat?

Kelly's Korner said...

Merry Christmas back at ya! I didn't know about a boyfriend! :P

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