Monday, December 22, 2008

Give The Gift of Pearlswirl

I've decided to initiate gift certificates into my shop. Why, you ask?

What's more fun than receiving (and giving!) a gift that provides an excuse to pick out something pretty for yourself?! Even better when it allows you to pick out two something pretties for yourself! These babies are perfect for those of you who know that, while it really is the thought that counts (and it IS!), it's always nice if the gift is loved rather than just appreciated. And of course they're equally perfect for the ones who may have waited until a bit too late to shop. Now, I have never been in this situation myself, but I can imagine that it might be helpful to have an easy solution to this type of problem. :)

In conclusion, we have logically and successfully proven above that gift certificates are excellent things.

Each certificate will have a special redemption code on the back, which the recipient will enter in the "message to seller" box at checkout, but they won't actually pay with paypal until I have revised the price.

I can make a certificate in any denomination starting at $10, and can email a .pdf file directly to the recipient (and include the to and from details) or to the buyer to print.

I'll include more nitty-gritty details (the boring but important stuff) in the etsy listing; I just thought I'd give you blog readers a chance to hear about it first.

Also, oh trusted blog readers, what do you think of the design and layout?

Happy first day of Hanukkah to you all!


corinnea said...

Your gift card is a great promo idea and very pretty too!

Adie said...

Very cool!! I'm curious, though, as to how you will validate them...

The design looks great, you're really quite talented. I love your stuff. ^_^

pearlswirl said...

Corinnea, thanks!!

Adie, when I send the file I'll send a special code, which I keep track of. Then the person redeeming the certificate writes that code in the "message to seller" box, before paying on Paypal. I revise their invoice, and either the transaction is done if their purchase was the same or smaller denomination, or I only charge them for whatever they spent over the amount of the certificate denomination. I can give them a new code for the remainder of their gift.

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