Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Extra Extra, Read All About It!

I am now officially a "published writer". I've already got book signings planned for the upcoming year, and make sure to book early!

Well, not quite. But I did write my first ever article for Etsy's online magazine/blog, the Storque. Read it here!! I contributed to the "Shop Local" section, where Etsy sellers report on great Etsy shops in their city, state, or country. Browsing through the locations is a great way to find awesome new sellers who are near you. Benefits for you: Lower shipping price, shorter shipping time AND it's enviro-friendly! What's not to love? I really think it's important these days to be conscious about where our goods come from and what kind of effort went into making them. Shopping Etsy is always a great way to ensure quality products from quality people, and shopping Etsy Local makes it even easier!

Here's a sneak peak at the cultural part of my article. Of course you'll have to read the real thing to get it all! ;)

Flea Market Shopping

Perlenreich-- My favorite bead store ever

Flea Market-ing

Thanks to everyone who let me feature them in my article! Now, go buy something local!


Jackie said...

COngratulations - good job!

Kelly's Korner said...

Jenny!!! That was amazing!!!!!!!! I don't have time to check out all the shops, but I have looked at some of them before and liked them. Wow... way to go! Now I wish I still had stuff in my shop! ;)

dindi said...

Great article! I love your pictures of Stuttgart! Thanks for featuring me among all these other great artists!

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